Alena Nikolaeva


Plant-based freelance web developer living in Germany. I was born in Russia, raised in Spain and now live in Düsseldorf. I started my developer journey in 2019 in Madrid. Since then I've been working as designer and developer. My favourite frontend stack includes modern tools like Vue.js and Nuxt.js ecosystem, but I also work with React.
I'm advocating for accessibility, implementation of design systems and scalable CSS architecture in order to ship scalable and accesible UI. I enjoy building SVG animations, micro interactions with gsap and creation of internal tools to help the team collaborate.
Nowadays, I'm studying Software Engineering and working at Hanzo.

  • Frontend developer at Hanzo.
  • Wild Code School 2019 full-stack web development full scholarship granted and graduate.
  • Valencian International University scholarship for CS Degree granted.
  • Udacity Product Manager Nanodegree program graduate.
  • Women Techmakers member
  • Former developer The Cocktail and, developer and designer Next Limit

Others say...

"Alena was able to familiarise herself with the product incredibly quickly and delivered great results from the very first day. Her eye for design (UX/UI) and her technical skills at front end development are a great asset to our firm."

Victoria Erdbrügger, Co-Founder of circuly - enabling circular business models.